Packaged Liquid Chillers

All documents related to the mapping and benchmarking of packaged liquid chillers are shown below. Once available, international comparisons of performance are shown in the Main Reports section. There are no country specific reports for this product.


Main Reports

Packaged Liquid Chillers Benchmarking Report

Packaged Liquid Chillers Benchmarking Report

This report of August 2015 compares policy thresholds for cooling mode seasonal efficiency (IPLV) of packaged liquid chillers across USA, Canada, Australia and China; the report presents separately the proposed 2017 seasonal efficiency (SEER) thresholds for the EU, since IPLV and SEER metrics cannot be compared on a fair basis. The report goes on to evaluate the reasons for this divergent approach to metrics and why closer harmonisation, or at least coherence, is desirable for energy saving as well as trade reasons. Practical routes to achieve better comparability are presented, including development of manufacturers' selection software and encouraging or mandating data to be provided in both IPLV and SEER formats where appropriate.

Mapping & Benchmarking Annex Overview Materials

IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex Overview

Introduction to the IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex

A synopsis of key policy lessons learned from the Mapping and Benchmarking Annex

Cartographie et analyse comparative – aperçu général de l’Annexe. (Annex overview in French)

매핑과 벤치마킹 에넥스 개요 (Annex Overview in Korean)

Mapping and Benchmarking Annex Übersicht (Annex Overview in German)

Current Mapping Reports


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Product Definition

Packaged Liquid Chillers Product Definition


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