Standby power

The Standby Power analysis undertaken was based on a collated dataset that includes samples of 156 different product types from 7 different projects or sources. As such, the data did not lend itself to the normal Annex methodology. Consequently the only output for this product is the benchmarking report. The product definition is included in the benchmarking report and there are no country mapping reports.


Main Reports

Standby power Benchmarking Report

Standby power Benchmarking Report

This international comparison of the standby power performance for ten categories of household appliance was undertaken under the main 4E implementing agreement in collaboration with the Standby Power Annex. Data, which was sourced from a wide range of projects, suggests a generally improving trend in average standby energy consumption for eight of the ten product categories. While regulation and in particular the early signalling of regulation appear to be working, and particularly when implemented through ‘horizontal’ measures applicable to most products, there are still product specific challenges including those associated with the network standby.

Standby power Policy Brief

Standby power Summary Policy Brief

This briefing summarises the outcomes of the benchmarking report above, highlighting the main lessons from the international comparison of the standby power performance of a range of domestic appliances in Australia, EU, USA, Canada, Republic of Korea and India.

Standby power Policy Brief Graphs Spreadsheet

Webinar and Presentations

Standby power Webinar Video

Standby power Webinar Video

Jeremy Tait presents the analysis of standby power, from defining the product and analysis approach, through to the main results and conclusions in this webinar recorded in March 2013.

Standby power Presentation

Standby power Overview Presentation for Annex Participants

Mapping & Benchmarking Annex Overview Materials

IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex Overview

Introduction to the IEA 4E Mapping and Benchmarking Annex

A synopsis of key policy lessons learned from the Mapping and Benchmarking Annex

Cartographie et analyse comparative – aperçu général de l’Annexe. (Annex overview in French)

매핑과 벤치마킹 에넥스 개요 (Annex Overview in Korean)

Mapping and Benchmarking Annex Übersicht (Annex Overview in German)

Current Mapping Reports


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